Further Information

How long will my coaching last?

The length of time people undertake life coaching can vary, depending on what it is they want to achieve. Typically, a personal coaching programme consists of six sessions held over a period of three months, with each session lasting between 60 and 80 minutes. Longer and shorter programmes can also be arranged, depending on individual need.

The coaching process will begin with an initial telephone conversation, lasting up to 30 minutes. If we agree to proceed, a Coaching Contract is set up with terms and conditions of the programme.


The initial telephone conversation is offered free of charge. Thereafter, coaching session prices vary according to individual need, which is discussed before the Coaching Contract is drawn up and agreed. Programmes consisting of a package of coaching sessions are available at a reduced cost. As stated above, a programme of six coaching sessions is typical. Other packages may be available, again according to individual need.

The cost is inclusive of preparation, as well as any tasks set for you to take away. It also includes support via e-mail and telephone between sessions.

Online, e-mail or telephone coaching is also available.

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