“Before meeting Ariela I felt stuck in several areas of my life: personal, health, work, to name a few – I needed to make changes but practically didn’t know where to begin. We worked together looking at patterns and my personal beliefs and what I wanted to achieve and then set out actions to get to where I wanted to be. Ariela also showed me NLP techniques to support these changes and gently challenged me in such a supportive way. Things have completely changed for the better and I cannot recommend Ariela and life coaching sessions enough!”

“I contacted Ariela because I wanted to learn new ways of thinking that would help me in various areas of my life. She is very friendly and professional which made me comfortable from the very start so it felt easy to talk with her and embrace the challenges she gave me! Thanks to the various strategies we explored I have learnt to think positively by recognising what I achieve and leave aside the unhelpful negative thoughts. Each session of coaching has been extremely useful and Ariela, very supportive. I now feel so much more energised and I know how to stay with the positive! I am so grateful and I would definitely consider more sessions in the future. Thank you so much Ariela 🙂

“Ariela was friendly, and approachable and made me feel valued. Her approach combined good listening skills and the right amount of talking with the odd flash of inspiration and insight, making the sessions feel dynamic and unique to me… this process was valuable and rewarding and has led to some very concrete and valuable changes being made to aspects of my life, which without Ariela’s sensitivity, guidance and consideration may never have happened. Having experienced coaching through Ariela, I would definitely consider it again in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend Ariela to anyone.”

“Ariela was everything I wanted in a ‘Life Coach’. She is both professional and methodical in her approach to coaching and led me into each session at a pace I felt comfortable with.  Ariela brought her characteristic enthusiasm and dynamism which gave me such a boost. I would recommend her as a Life Coach without reservation, the experience has enabled me to focus on methods to assist me in achieving my life goals.”

“As a recently retired person Ariela gave me invaluable support thinking and talking through my worries and ambitions. I was able to stop worrying and get on with living.”

“Ariela has a very friendly approach, making sure that I understood everything that was said and she was able to answer my questions. Ariela was very engaging and inspiring. The coaching gave me more confidence, some new approaches and ideas in terms of preparing for and presenting myself well in interviews. It paid off as I was recently promoted to a team manager and received excellent interview feedback.”

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