The Coaching Process

How does life coaching work?

Coaching is about moving from where you are to where you want to be. The basic premise of coaching is that you have the answers and resources within yourself to achieve the goals and outcomes you want – coaching provides the means to unlock and develop these.

Coaching sessions are relaxed, and move only at a pace which you find comfortable. The start of the process of being coached is to state a defined goal or outcome which you wish to achieve from your coaching. If you’re unsure what you would like your goal or outcome to be, you will be helped to think about and explore this, until you have a clearly defined goal with which you are happy, and believe to be achievable.

Change is at the heart of the coaching process. Often, creating change requires little more than a shift in your thinking. The coaching process involves being asked questions which give you cause to think, and explore your thoughts, sometimes from entirely new perspectives. It enables you to gain deeper insight into the issues you face and any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. This process is also highly effective in helping you identify and use the resources you have within yourself to achieve your defined goal.

Unlike counselling or therapy, which mainly focus on healing issues from the past, coaching looks at what is going on in the present, and what changes you can make for a more positive future. And the beauty of coaching is that you can take the tools and techniques you develop on your journey forward into your future, and use them again and again to keep on achieving all that you want.

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